TBO Cleat Gemach/Lending Center is Open for Business

UpdatedTuesday March 19, 2019 byTBO Staff.

TBO is glad to announce that the "Cleat Gemach" is once again open, and under new "management." 

Baseball cleats/spikes are mandatory in almost every baseball and softball division.  No child should ever miss out on their game because of a lack of proper footwear.  

In lieu of purchasing cleats for your child, the gemach has a sizable collection of cleats/spikes available to borrow for the duration of the season. 

Whether you are looking to borrow, return, or donate your child's old cleats/spikes ot help sustain the gemach, please contact Merry Greenstein ifor more information.

Thank you to Hillary Kessler-Godin for hosting and managing the gemach for all of these years.